Cars & Coffee


A community event for


car enthusiasts.

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 Due to COVID we have to set a MAX limit of 500 people, HOWEVER, DO NOT hesitate to come to visit the event, as we all know spectators come and go frequently, Our Staff will instruct you if the lot has met our legal capacity. 


The rain date for every C&CLYH  will be on the following Saturday.

Our Weather Rule: If you have to cut your windshield wipers on, C&CLYH is off!

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Working Together

Cars and Coffee Lynchburg is run by volunteers, who not only invest their time, they also invest their money.  Our goal is to become Lynchburg's largest Cars and Coffee event. All donations help pay for flyers, signs, staff wear,  hosting the website, promotional activities, and the general day to day running of the event. Your sponsorship will help us keep Lynchburg's Cars and Coffee alive! 


We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to give thanks to our current Sponsors. Everyone who participates is contributing to our event, but this would simply not be possible without the support of all our sponsors who propel us forward with their generosity and kindness.


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Chuck Burks, 

Hill City Hot Rods

We had a great time and I was happy to see a very good turn out. I hope to see the crowd grow as the word gets out more and more. Thank you for hosting a great event. Looking forward to the next one!!!


Keith Goad, Attendee

We had a great time. I have talked to several folks that told me to let them know when the next one is. Thanks for your hard work to put this on.


David McCabe, Attendee

Great turnout enjoyed it